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Wirral Change not only offers Black and Racial Minorities outreach services but also space hire for groups. With events and activities running throughout the year, there are numerous ways you can be involved.


How would you like to be part of a fantastic new campaign to help eradicate hatred, xenophobia and discrimination in our communities?

Have you got a red heart? Then take the pledge!

This is quick and won’t cost you a penny! Simply complete the form on this link here!

Sign up and take the pledge now if you agree that:

  • I will always treat others how I wish to be treated!
  • I will always be supportive of differences I do not understand
  • I will always appreciate and celebrate diversity and our cultural differences
  • I will always look for ways to support my fellow citizens and help whenever I can
  • I will not look the other way if I witness hatred or discrimination

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7 hours ago

Wirral Change

MONDAY AT WIRRAL CHANGE - Why not join us for a free activity? Everyone is welcome, we would love to have you join us! 💚

If you would like to inquire about any activity please just call us on 0151 649 8177

Work Club 10am – 12pm 💻📝

Belly Dancing 10am – 12pm 🙆🎶

ESOL 10.00am - 12.00pm 👂📖🗨️📚

Men’s Badminton Group 1pm – 3pm 🏸

If you have a health or wellbeing issue ask to speak to a member of our team, we may be able to help, for free friendly advice call us on 0151 649 8177 💚

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2 days ago

Wirral Change

Come down to the One Wirral Festival in Birkenhead Park today, we have lots of fun and exciting things to get involved in 💚 ...

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4 days ago

Wirral Change

Gentlemen, Fancy A Fresh Hair Cut? ✨ And Ladies, Fancy Getting Rid Of That Mustache?!...We Got You...You Can Have Your Eye Brows Threaded At The Same Time ✨ Come To Wirral Change On Tuesday's 11am - 5pm & Wednesdays 1pm - 5pm To Get Your Hair Cut, Eyebrows Threaded & Mustache Eliminated - 😃 Helping You Stay Fly...Because That's What We Do 😎✨(Hair cuts are for men & boys only). ...

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Open organisation with great generosity of spirit

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Offers reintegration opportunities, particularly those with mental health problems

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Place to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds

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Friendly, accessible at any time

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