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Meet the Team

Clint Agard

Chief Executive Officer

By specialising in community development work, Clint has developed a valuable insight into the importance of the intricate relationships that exist within the local and inner city community groups/organisations and their key partners.
Alongside his consultancy, Communities First UK, Clint is a member of several groups both locally and regionally representing all racial minority people and raising awareness of the very real issues that racial minority people face. One of Clint’s key aims is to help communities to become more integrated.

Sabra Ahmed

Deputy Chief Executive Officer 

Sabra has always worked in the community sector and was previously a Community Development Officer for Liverpool Primary Care Trust.
She has delivered workshops on Culturally Arranged Marriages and Cultural Awareness training.
Her work with International Women’s Day and Wirral Change BME Women’s Group has shown her unstinting commitment towards women from racial minority communities, empowering them to become less isolated and to take an active role in their community.
Sharon Munroe
Sharon MunroeDevelopment Co-ordinator
Ed To
Ed ToFinance Officer
Tiffany Subinyoung
Tiffany SubinyoungGeneral Manager
Emilia Korzeniecka
Emilia KorzenieckaEmployment and Communication Officer
Stephen Cork
Stephen CorkBME Employment Outreach Worker
Sylwia Mianowana
Sylwia MianowanaHealth and Wellbeing Worker
Min Mirrlees
Min MirrleesVolunteer Co-odinator / Women's Group Co-ordinator
Akhtaruz Zamman
Akhtaruz ZammanBME Employment Outreach Worker
Eddie Gowns
Eddie GownsBME Benefits Advocate
Agnes Hemmingway
Agnes HemmingwayBME Advocate
Philippa Thapa Magar
Philippa Thapa MagarGeneral Caseworker
Nada Elgadi
Nada ElgadiBME General Advisor
David Kenny
David KennyGeneral Caseworker
Alexis Moonan
Alexis MoonanAdmin Assistant
Nigel Bratley
Nigel BratleyCaretaker
Rebecca Cleverley
Rebecca CleverleyAdmin Assistant